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The Lifeline Afghanistan portal delivers the right information and opportunities to the right people at the right time.

The Ted Rogers School of Management’s Diversity Institute has partnered with Powered by Magnet to help employers share information, services, and opportunities nationwide with you. Powered by Magnet, the Lifeline Afghanistan job portal helps employers strengthen their diversity recruitment efforts, accelerates inclusive growth and delivers information and opportunities to the right people at the right time.

We know that newcomers have helped build Canada. Together, we are committed to helping achieve their goals.

Our Partnership

Connecting job seekers to career opportunities that match their skills, experience, and career goals.

Connecting job seekers and workers to career growth resources.

Helping employers build their talent pipeline and supporting work integrated wrap around supports for Afghan newcomers.

Providing tools and resources to help employers expand their talent pool.

The Ted Rogers School of Management’s Diversity Institute

Lifeline Afghanistan is a project of The Ted Rogers School of Management’s Diversity Institute – a global leader in conducting ground-breaking research and delivering programs to advance inclusive workplaces and innovation. Working with the Future Skills Centre, the Diversity Institute is developing evidence-informed pathways to employment for newcomers to Canada.

Powered by Magnet

Powered by Magnet is a social innovation technology platform accelerating inclusive growth. Powered by Magnet provides the digital infrastructure for Canada’s new Future Skills Centre Community of Practice (FSC CoP), with a focus on how to best prepare Canadians for future opportunities. Through the Lifeline Afghanistan portal and your Powered by Magnet business account you can join the FSC CoP as a collaborator and connect with a national network of leaders and experts.

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Provide details about your business.

Step 3

Regardless of your location, size, or industry, your profile will automatically match you to the latest research, government programs, and learning opportunities with a primary focus on hiring and supporting Afghan newcomers.

Step 4

Post jobs and get matched to an Afghan newcomer that is a match for your position.

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